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Are you looking to improve the performance of your vehicle? WMSS can provide all types of performance upgrades, from a vast range of products. This includes DPF removal on modern diesel engine cars which can increase performance, M.P.G. and fuel economy. Prices start from £225 + VAT. Contact one of our team to discuss how we can help improve your vehicles performance today.

Performance Upgrades and Motorsport

• Engine tuning

• Chip and ECU remaps

• DPF removal

• Car tuning parts supplied and fitted

• Exhausts

• Filters & induction kits

• Software and hardware

Our upgrade services include:

Providing you with the best drive you can get from your vehicle is our job. To see how we can help improve your cars performance, contact our team. We will be only too happy to provide you with our expert advice and a quotation for the work you may want doing.

Improving your fuel economy and power

Performance Upgrades from £185 + VAT



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